Irish College of General Practitioners


EVENT: Annual Conference of the Irish College of General Practitioners 2022

DATE: Saturday June 18th 2022,  8am to 6.30pm

LOCATION: University Concert Hall, University of Limerick campus, Limerick.

THEME: “Shaping General Practice for the Future.”


NOTE: The ICGP’s Annual Conference is part of a 4-day international conference held by Rural WONCA. 



This is the first time that ICGP members will be together in person since the COVID-19 pandemic.

There will be a one-hour panel discussion at 10.30am on a vision of General Practice for the future. This is timely against the background of growing shortages of GPs in both rural and urban Ireland, and the urgent need for planning to reshape general practice to enable everyone to have equitable access to vital primary healthcare.

The discussion will include experts from the UK and Australia on their experiences of rural practice in particular.

Panel members include Prof. Tom O’Dowd, President of the ICGP, and  Dr Karen Price, President of the Royal Australian Association of General Practitioners, on how they have developed supports for rural general practice.

Other sessions discuss GPs and Nursing Homes – the Future, Dealing with Complaints, and GPs and Stress.

MEDIA QUERIES: Aileen O’Meara, Communications Consultant, Irish College of General Practitioners.

Tel. 01 2542984 / 087 2239830


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