We recognise that we cannot have healthy patients, healthy doctors, healthy nurses or healthy
GP Trainees when we have an unhealthy planet.

In May 2019, Ireland became the second country on the planet to declare a climate emergency. That same month, the ICGP membership unanimously passed a motion to recognise planetary health within our College.

In 2020, the ICGP Sustainability Working Group was formed to promote sustainable
activities in general practice for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our College is proud to lead on planetary and environmental health with educational
workshops and webinars for our members, including GP educators and GPs in training.

Dr Andrée Rochfort from the ICGP said:, “The objectives of the ICGP Sustainability
Working Group are summarised in the attached infographic.”

The ICGP Sustainability Working Group is working with interested GPs in other European
colleges to promote practical actions and ongoing research into the role of general practice in
rational and sustainable use of health services and medication management. It will also
promote patient participation in sustaining a high quality GP health service into the future for
all patients.


Further information:
Contact us at info@icgp.ie