Dr Margaret O’Riordan, President of the ICGP, will be publishing a blog to ICGP News. This blog reflects on a lifetime in general practice, lessons learned from patients, the importance of general practice and the doctor-patient relationship.

Dr O’Riordan’s first blog introduces the series:

I believe that I have learnt as much from my patients over the years as they have learnt from me. People never cease to amaze me. They have taught me never to make assumptions (though of course being human despite my best efforts I still do!).

I have learnt that much of what happens in the GP-Patient consultation and makes a real difference to people’s lives can be described but not easily measured.

Being a GP is a privileged position.

People trust us with their innermost thoughts and fears, they take risks when they tell us about what others in their lives have dismissed as trivial or best forgotten about, they bare their souls in the hope of finding peace.

Through this blog I hope to share moments and encounters which have stimulated me to stand back and reflect on the richness of the GP-Patient encounter.

By doing this I hope to encourage young doctors to consider the valued contribution they can make as a GP and the rich rewards they can gain at a personal level from making a real difference in people’s lives.

Margaret plans to write new entries to this series once a month. We will notify readers as a new post becomes available. We look forward to hosting this upcoming blog series and would like to thank Margaret for her writing and reflections.

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