Irish College of General Practitioners

World Patient Safety Day (17th September ) highlights equitable access to safe maternal and newborn care

Irish General Practitioners and their practice teams provide high quality antenatal and post-natal care for their patients.

On World Patient Safety Day, the Irish College of General Practitioners highlights access to safe maternal and newborn care for all women, in particular those from vulnerable groups.

Dr Andrée Rochfort, ICGP, and the Patient Safety Group in EQuiP – WONCA Europe, said: “Safe maternal and newborn care should be equally accessible for all women globally. We urge all policy makers, healthcare workers and society to strive for universal health coverage in maternal care.”

“Here in Ireland, most women receive their antenatal care from the same family practice they attend for all their other healthcare needs, so there is already an established therapeutic relationship with the practice team, with ongoing continuity after the baby is born.

Antenatal and postnatal assessments can be emotional, exhausting and anxious visits for women.

The GP practice team can help women to enjoy their pregnancy as an exciting time in their lives, and as a natural physiological condition without over-medicalisation or unnecessary anxiety.”

Read the EQuiP & WONCA Europe statement here

Issued by: Aileen O’Meara, Communications Consultant, Irish College of General Practitioners.

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